It’s All In A Name

So you’ve all heard the ChilliBurn Adventures story. right? (if you haven’t it’s here )  Well, okay, I’m gonna come clean and admit that in truth, the ChilliBurn Adventures restaurant story is a bit on the, well, uh, shall we say, creative side. The real fact of the matter, is that we chose the name based on the TGF.

Of course, those in the know will instantly recognize the validity of the Total Guffaw Factor index, which is, in it’s simplest definition, the ability of a name to induce fits of humorous guffawing in the viewer. The scientific reasoning being that anything that induces a “heh, that’s cool” response will be perfectly able to cross cultural, national, and planetary boundaries with ease. This is particularly true if everyone speaks english, which, magically, in most science fiction stories, everyone does. Or they have a babble-fish.

In the process of looking for names, we came up with some fairly preposterous ideas indeed, with things like:

  • Tidy Little Monster
  • Amalgamated Spaceship Corp
  • Volcanic Eruption Slot Machine
  • Am I Crazy Games
  • Sideways Exploration Company (which was rejected due to this problem:… yes, you can see the problem)

Just to name a few of our less lame attempts. Yes, the less lame ones. No really.

The final name, Chilli Burn Adventures, was, quite annoyingly, the brainchild of Loren, our chief in-house software nerd. This was a particularly troubling point due to the quite obvious fact that once again the geeks had outdone the so-called “creative” staff.

Which annoyingly brings up the next problem: Chilli can be spelled with many, shall we say, creative variants. The result being that after much growling on my part, we ended up completely blowing out the formerly-tiny insignificant line item in our budget known as the, uh, domain name budget.

But here we are. A cool name, and many many many domain names that are almost the same, and that point to the same location.

Yet at the end of the day, the moral of the story is pretty clear: if a great idea pops out of an unexpected direction, grab it. It really doesn’t matter where it came from, all that matters is that it’s good.

(no really, lots and lots of domain names… try, and and you’ll see what I mean).

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Chief Rocket Scientist in the Chilli Burn Adventures Platoon.
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